The Neuromuscular Centre


The Neuromuscular Centre is for everyone within the region directly or indirectly affected by Muscular Dystrophy, there is a full physiotherapy service available by appointment. We have a team of Chartered Physiotherapists who specialise in the management of neuromuscular conditions. The Centre and department are fully equipped and adapted to provide an environment which can help in our rehabilitation.


For young school leavers with Muscular Dystrophy, there is the chance to train in computer based graphic design to a recognised standard, with an opportunity to take up a place in the associated Design company.


This Centre is is unique as it is the first of its kind ,there is no other centre quite like this in the UK. In time, it is hoped, there will be others like it throughout the UK. We would love to show you this very special charity and you are most welcome to give us a ring and arrange a visit.


Who can we help ? Any one of any age who has a form of Muscular Dystrophy or related condition. Any person or relative who knows anyone with a form of Muscular Dystrophy or related condition. Any one who works with a person with Muscular Dystrophy or related condition. Any one who contacts us.

How can we help ? We provide assessments and treatment advice which can assist you. We can carry out treatments which can assist you. We can provide advice about equipment which can help you.

Who else can we meet ? The Centre has a support network, so you can certainly meet with others who have similar experiences to yourself.

Anything else ? If we don’t have the answers we can also make contacts for you and try to find out answers to any of the enquiries you have.

How can you contact us ? Call the Physiotherapy Department – That’s it

However a letter of referral from either your consultant or GP would help provide more information which can help us to help you. Your own Physio, OT, Social worker, Family Care officer can also contact us for professional advice.

What does the NMC do ? Through our assessments we can provide you with a personalised regime to address your specific problems or concerns.

This can include : Stretches, Advice to assist with walking, Splints with orthotics, Exercise including Hydrotherapy, Advice and treatment to resolve muscular skeletal problems, Advice on seating and posture, Moving and handling, Standing therapy, Advice to your local Physio, OT and GP, Advice on equipment.

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