Roys Story

Roy’s Story

Roy H South, 98 Risby,
Bretton Peterborough PE3 8Q 15th January 2004,

 I was diagnosed 8 years ago at the age of 49. Things were becoming difficult ie: climbing stairs, carrying anything reasonably heavy, bending, and getting up after falling, Which was becoming more regular.

After several consultations with various Doctors, it was suggested that I be referred to a Neurological specialist. Who then took a biopsy, which revealed Becker. This was quite a shock to me and my family, but at least we now knew why I was having so many problems. It also got me thinking about the past, especially childhood.

I guess in those days (Mid 40s) as long as you looked normal, and to quote my family Doctor in my early years “Are your bowels working”. There was nothing wrong with you. Well, I could run, though not very quick. I played football, cycled just about everywhere, ran up stairs 2 at a time. I guess that is pretty normal. But, School was not a happy time. I was slow learning, physical exercise was a nightmare. Rope climbing, you gotta be kidding. Vaulting, hahaha, no chance. And the number of times I got the slipper on the backside because I was last in the cross country running. Yep you got it. Every time. The one thing that always stood out in my memory, was something my Dad said to Mum. “That boy is going to have trouble with his legs when he is older” and that was all that was said. Just what did he know ??

At last I was on my way into the big world of employment. Still no idea that something was wrong. I worked as a clerk for a Stockbroker in London until I married, then realised I needed to earn more with our first child on the way and became a Bus driver in London. Climbing in and out of those old Buses was not a problem so I still had no idea. I moved to Peterborough in 1976 and for a while worked as a Milkman, carrying crates of milk up stairs etc, not a problem. I then went back to Bus driving and after a couple of years I noticed  a change. I was no longer able to just walk into a bus without holding on. After a while stairs started to be difficult,  lifting, carrying, bending, all of these things gradually became more difficult. I could no longer run without falling.

That was when I started to get my GP involved. He was truly brilliant, it took no time at all to get a diagnosis. The Physiotherapist was also excellent. She realised that something was wrong and said she would get back to my GP, then it was off to see a Neurological consultant who took a biopsy and confirmed the physio’s thoughts.



Things have moved on since then, and I am now retired from my work as a Bus Driver of 32 years. A job that I enjoyed very much, and now I have become expert with the Iron, Hoover, Washing machine etc, and Walking the dog. Though not very far, Unfortunately.


My consultant sees me once a year to get an update, and I am in contact with my local MD group committee, and our family health officer. I have had some work done to my house in order to make things a bit easier. I am also grateful to my District Nurse, who arranged for me to have on permanent loan an electric bed, which has been an immense bonus for me.

I am lucky to have a very helpful and understanding wife, and 2 daughters, and they find jobs for me that I can undertake, and help with those I cannot. These days a 2 lb bag of sugar weighs a ton, and if I fall I cannot get up unaided. I enjoy using my PC  for communicating and Digital photography, Digital because I can no longer hold the 35m SLR and all the extra’s. Oh what fun.

I look forward to hearing from you or other members in the near future.

Roy South,


Home :      01733 260137

Mob:         07939 632455

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