Richards Story

My Life with Becker MD

My name is Richard Enos i am 59 years old and suffer from becker muscular dystrophy, i was diagnosed in 2006. I seem to follow the usual pattern, walked on my toes as a child, poor at sports (always the goalkeeper). At 8 years old i began to suffer from epilepsy but recovered by the time i was 13. My teenage years went ok i left school at 15 and did a engineering course for a year and got a job as an apprentice motor mechanic,  over the next 10 years cars were my life building  several cars with which i competed in local rallies, i was also a track marshal at a local race circuit. In 1979 i met Pauline and we married in1981 and had 2 children Matthew and Andrew. In 1989 my left knee began to lock up and had an op to remove a torn cartilage, i then saw a physiotherapist who said i had severe muscle problems but i was soon back on my feet and put any worries to one side. Then in 2004 my arms began to feel weak after wielding a hammer and it was getting harder to climb  steps, ,In 2005 after much cajoling from my wife i went to see my GP who got me to see a neurologist who i saw in feb 2006.. He told[ me i had a type of musculardystrophy and would need a muscle biopsy to find what type it was, he also told me i could not be cured but could stop it getting worse with steroids,only to be told later this was rubbish.  In april 2006 i had a muscle-biopsy and waited for the results.I waited over 6 months and then was finally given an appointment to see another neurologist prof Wiles at the university hospital of wales in Cardiff (the other neurologist had left)he told me they had not had any results which seemed a little odd, he then proceeded to take several phials of blood, e.c.g breathing test and put me in touch with a genetacist, within weeks i had my results it was becker MD, I then saw the  geneticist , they could find no MD in my family,it seems i am an isolated case. Since my diagnosis i have deteriorated slightly   I use a wheelchair sometimes and have moved into a bungalow, i don’t seem to fall as much as i used to but i think its me being more careful I am also having hand controls fitted to my car, i thought it was time when i couldn’t lift my foot on to the brake!  In 2009 i lost my job,pushed out by an unsympathetic employer .Since losing my job i’ve completed a beginners computer course to increase my job options.

but job and disability don’t seem to go together even with 40 years experience in the motor trade.Thats all for now lets look forward to a decent summer you can only watch so much  daytime tv .

Hope i did not send you off to sleep