Michael Bulls Story

Michaels Story

Michael Bull
68 Manderville Road
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The history of my early life is similar to most of us with Becker Dystrophy last every cross country run. Always the goal keeper and last to be picked in any team game, but we all seem to have been determined to do the best we could even with those awful cramps.

I had many happy years in the boy scouts becoming an assistant scout master. Enjoyed out door activities slow but many hikes camping and rock climbing. One year with rover scouts walking and climbing in Switzerland that was a good trip.

I left school at fifteen and started work in a drapers store it was just like the TV program are you being served after eighteen months leaving for better pay worked for Woolworths in the stores. But after being moved around as relief manager I was nearly living at work op on buses between stores. A few little jobs , but after my best mate had an motor bike crash and was in hospital I would visit him often.

ONE day a strange thing happened a voice in my head said you can help people like this. I had found the job for me, I trained as a nurse and found I could cope with this type of work, with other peoples sadness and better times and found it takes many different people to make up this world we live.

Meeting my wife Carole started a family a year later 1965 then with the next baby we found it hard to cope with being on a low income, the only answer was join the forces which I did the Royal Air Force as a trained nurse. The best thing I have ever done My dad was against it but I was my own boss by now an adult.

While serving in Cyprus and wearing shorts it was noticed I had thin legs and little muscle I had to have this looked into. I was placed on a program of physic even on my days off I had to go in for this , measurements were taken at the start I also got a push bike after eight week no change in my legs but I had lost two stone in weight and I was not fat.

I had an E. M. G. in Cyprus when the senior consultant was on a visit I was on night duty so I slept on the ward until they were ready for me, while being wired up the boss man said as the thing started up it made funny noises said ort this to be earthed , I sat up quickly I said I hope it isĀ  and after awhile they did complete the test

When back in the UK I was seen at the Hammersmith Hospital where the diagnose was confirmed . A few years later my daughters eldest son was diagnosed too


I am now happy to say I am under the care of the Oxford team. I think I shall stop now later can talk about the RAF and after its along story lots of fun along the say but it not all a laugh as with us all.

Please if any of this is useful to any one share it. Michael