Bus Trip


Today we set off on our journey by taxi, bus and train

And I know in my heart even before we depart

By tonight I’ll be going insane.

Our monthly hike to NMC one hundred miles round trip

Has yet to be completed without encountering some drip

The taxis booked in early but arrives a good deal late

And on this one occasion the bus was on time – Oh Great!

The shelter’s completely deserted now so we sigh and take a pew

Twenty minutes later though there’s rather quite a queue.

The bus arrives but it’s crowded, the driver declares “TWO MORE”

Dirty looks are plentiful as we muscle to the door.

“Come on Nick, we were here first” this is no time to be polite

We’re already late for our Winsford date so if we have to fight we’ll fight.

“CAN’T USE THAT PASS, SORRY MATE”, the driver haughtily declares

Here we go again I think and deliver a withering stare.

A seat becomes available we glance around to see

If anyone is more in need than Nick or by this time me.

A large obnoxious passenger with a loud sarcastic voice

Comments on “WHY YOU SITTING SON”, when Nick really has no choice.

A plea to fellow travellers, fore casting an evil eye

Don’t point your gun at mother and son there’s always a reason why.

Steph Adigu ( 2003 )