Bridge Too Far



I had decided to visit Bridgnorth in Shropshire,I sent off for brochures and looked for a B&B with disabled facilities but as usual it was hard to find somewhere suitable. As it was short notice, most places were booked up, but one place I rang gave me a number of a cottage with a couple of downstairs rooms, so I booked.

I travelled down and called at Cosford Air Museum, I love planes so the place was like heaven, everything was on the ground floor so no problems there but it was a lot of walking and I needed a stick.

During the week I had a few walks around Ludlow Castle, Brecon, The Wyre forest and found I was okay if I took my time and a stick to help keep my balance. Feeling confident I decided to take my camera and take a picture of a train crossing the Victoria Bridge at Arley. I found a field by the river where cars were already parked and drove to the far end where I could see the path by the river and parked up. I walked down a slight slope and there in front was a problem a fence with a stile, I decided to climb through the middle section as the gap was quite big. A couple of people came along at this time they insisted on helping me which was a good I could get my body and right leg through but couldn’t get both legs over without help.

About 100 yards down the path I put my stick down to steady myself but unfortunately the grass at the side covered a hole of a few inches and I ended up in a heap. I got myself up with a bit of difficulty at the second attempt and carried on being even more careful but 200 yards further on I did the same. I tried four times then had a rest and tried a couple more times but no matter what I did I couldn’t get up so I sat down, the train was approaching the bridge so I got my camera out and took a picture while sat down.
It was very warm and I was low on energy and looked for a tree or fence to lean on that I could scramble to. The nearest fence was 50 yards away so I had to crawl which took me ten minutes. I lent on the fence and got up and saw that the path was flatter the other side and there was a big gap in the fence. I saw that another 50 yards further on would be a good place to take a picture so I carried on extremely carefully and waited for the train returning. I waited and after 20 minutes a train crossed the bridge giving me the perfect picture, I felt great because I made it in the end and got what I wanted in spite of all the effort required. I then set off back down the path but at a much slower speed and just as I got to the stile the couple I saw early were just behind me and they helped me back over the stile.    This was a good holiday for me in spite of my falls, I always play safe and take a mobile phone and always stick to the paths so that if like me you fall someone will eventually come past if you can’t cope. There are lots of people only too willing to help you just need to admit it when you do. I always try to do everything myself but as they say pride comes before a fall.