A night on the Town with Becker

Nick Burke wrote this in 2003 when he was 21 and lives in north Manchester Here Nick reveals his typical Saturday night with Becker


Limbered up and ready to go: fine wine, fine music and of course fine girls. I made a special effort with my stretching exercises determining to dance the night away and enjoy myself to the full. Dancing for several hours, chatting to the ladies and downing a few pints I almost managed to forget about my condition. All was going according to plan. That is – until I went to leave the dance floor. My impressive moves suddenly paled in significance as I  just about managed to shuffle away. My back had ‘gone’. I’d obviously over done things.

The following week totally unfazed I once again spruced myself up, a dab or two of Cool Waters after shave, hair in place, quietly confident that my exercise regime of the preceding seven days would prevent a re-occurrence of the previous Saturday night. I danced and danced and danced, a pretty young lady was suitably impressed and we stole a passionate kiss.

Yes it was certainly turning into an excellent night. No mishaps – yet!. The DJ’s dulcet tones heralded the end of a near perfect evening. Saying my goodbyes I headed for the door. Bang – without warning I fell to my knees. Two friends helped me back on my feet but down I went again. Three burly bouncers began their approach, faces set in a grim scowl. Again my friends hoisted me to a near standing position, an arm around each of their shoulders they dragged me to the door explaining to the disbelieving doormen that I had bad legs. This explanation had to be repeated  for  the wary looking taxi driver to allow us into his car. Of course I saw the funny side of things – you have to. But I dread to think what the young lady that I had spent a good deal of the evening with must have made of this scene!

Well it’s nearly Saturday again – I’m looking forward to it. No doubt it wont be incident free but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Nick Burke