Most people assume that Astronomy is a pastime out of reach of the disabled but until recently I thought the Same. Here are a few pictures I took with a telescope .







..DSCF0631 .

With a Reflector the eyepiece you see through is located high up on the telescope which means you can raise the Tripod it is mounted on so that you dont have to bend. You do have to line the telescope with a viewfinder to locate the star or planet you want to look at but as I use the eyepiece is at the side .

A Finderscope is a small low power telescope which allows you to find the target you want to look at through the main telescope.
With a Refractor telescope you look through the bottom of the telescope , you have the option of a diagonal converter to make viewing easier on the back . The diagonal converter doesnt work with a Refractor, I couldnt use a refractor as you would have to bend down which I cant do.If You are in a Wheelchair a refractor may be better but for me its the Reflector.


heres a few links
Stockport Binocular and Telescope Centre is where I bought mine for just over £100. They are very helpfull even if you are not buying anything.