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Becker United   operates as a Website with links to information, members stories of living with BMD etc

And with the Muscular Dystrophy campaign and the NeuroMuscular Centre working together to support people affected by Muscular Dystrophy .

Tims Mum & Dad

My Mother passed away on the 31st July 2017 my father in 1985 .Click here to See more pictures

Becker muscular dystrophy information afternoon Saturday 2 September 2017

1pm and 5pm at Holiday Inn Stoke on Trent M6, Jct. 15, Clayton Road, Staffordshire, ST5 4DL.see the  details on the muscular Dystrophy campaign Website


I think it important to maintain what strength you already have ,excercise in moderation and physiotherapy are of great benefit. So here’s  a plug for where I get my Physiotherapy. This a place where I can go and talk to others with Becker Muscular Dystrophy receiving treatment as well as myself.

The Neuromuscular Centre situated in Winsford Cheshire is for everyone within the region directly or indirectly affected by Muscular Dystrophy, there is a full physiotherapy service available by appointment. They have a team of Chartered Physiotherapists who specialise in the management of neuromuscular conditions.

The Neurmuscular Centre Midlands provides services and support  for those with Muscular Dystrophy and other muscle wasting disease in  Midlands region.Correct physiopherapy  is essential  to maintain mobility and reduce the rate of muscle deterioration.



Below are a few Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Videos found on Youtube

Muscular Dystrophy the mysterious disease
Muscular Dystrophy the mysterious disease

Dr. Maurice Swanson talks about what muscular dystrophy is and how it affects the body. 

Together were Stronger
Together were Stronger

TheMuscular Dystrophy Campaign This video featuring Sue Barker and Richard Attenborough is an introduction to the work of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

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